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Appeasement +Peace at what price? Are we not kidding ourselves? Do we sacrifice our principles in the name of diplomacy? Can evil ever be compromised?  +
Best Nation +Islam's Declaration on Human Rights is supremacist. It effectively proclaims God said Islam must rule "mankind," non-Muslim's have no rights, must submit. This is jihad! How come it's accepted by the UN?  +
Brave Little Country (part 1) +Why are “the Jews” always blamed? Are they simply an easy vulnerable target, used by tyrants, a Weapon of Mass Deception, a tool, to unite their masses against and seize/maintain power.  +
Canary +As if Jews are the problem, as if they're the cause.  +
Change +We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America!  +
Dhimmitude +The comprehensive legal system established by Muslim conquerors to rule native non-Muslim populations subdued by jihad. "Protection" money must be paid but non-Muslims have no legal rights.  +
Dictators +We wrote this when we realized Mohammed, model for all Muslims, was a dictator. Tyrants can seize power over any peoples but is this why Islam tends to dictatorship? Where is the love?  +
Folly of Millions +How come multitudes followed nazis and communists down the road to hell? How come millions “do” jihad, commit unspeakable atrocities?  +
Imagine Jihad +What would happen if your country was conquered by Jihad?  +
It's Just an Excuse +An excuse to draw a veil over Muslim ambition of world domination. Is that what Jihad really means? Are you ready to submit?  +
Mohammed A Biography + Islam uses religion as a weapon in its war to conquer and rule the world.  +
Palestine +Tell me, who is a Palestinian?  +
Peace of Islam (part 2) +Mohammed made an offer to the Jews, one they couldn't refuse.  +
Philosophy +How can there ever be peace and reconciliation if Muslims don't lay down their arms and say "we're sorry, we won't do Jihad again"?  +
Protection +We run a protection racket like the Mafia  +
Religion as a Weapon + Islam uses religion as a weapon in its war to conquer and rule the world.  +
The Choice +Just submit or die.  +
Toward a Universal Caliphate + Islam uses religion as a weapon in its war, to conquer and rule the world  +
Values +Judaism is so misrepresented that the essential meaning of the Bible, which is the liberation of man from physical and spiritual slavery is forgotten.  +
Who Is The OIC? +Is this the reincarnation of the Caliphate?  +