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This page lists all of the Weapon of Musical Defense songs for which detailed lyrics and notes have been provided. You may also like to see the following pages:

Albums Currently in The Library

 AlbumsYouTube LinkBitChute LinkVimeo LinkSubtitle Language
AppeasementImagine Jihad (part 1)English
Best NationImagine Jihad (part 1)English
Brave Little Country (part 1)Imagine Jihad (part 1)
CanaryImagine Jihad (part 2)English
DhimmitudeImagine Jihad (part 1)English
DictatorsImagine Jihad (part 1)English
Folly of MillionsImagine Jihad (part 1)
Imagine JihadImagine Jihad (part 2)
It's Just an ExcuseImagine Jihad (part 1)
Mohammed A BiographyImagine Jihad (part 2)English
Portuguese Brazil
PalestineImagine Jihad (part 2)
Peace of Islam (part 2)Imagine Jihad (part 2)
PhilosophyImagine Jihad (part 1)English
ProtectionImagine Jihad (part 2)
Religion as a WeaponImagine Jihad (part 2)English
The ChoiceImagine Jihad (part 2)
Toward a Universal CaliphateImagine Jihad (part 3)
ValuesImagine Jihad (part 2)
Who Is The OIC?Imagine Jihad (part 2)English
Imagine Jihad (part 2) Album Cover