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Welcome to The Library by Weapon of Musical Defense

Judge for Y'Self

The Library by Weapon of Musical Defense is where we provide comprehensive background notes and details for all our songs.

You will notice that there are navigation buttons to the left which will allow you to find particular articles within this part of our site. The navigation bar above will take you to the multimedia parts of the site. The Library is always accessible via the main navigation bar and via various links when more detail on a particular subject is needed.

Song's Currently in The Library

Notes about Songs Currently in The Library

Technical Note

The more technical among you might notice that we're using the MediaWiki software which is the same as that used by Wikipedia for example. This does not mean that The Library is open to editing by just anyone. MediaWiki is a very useful tool for us to put this information together, but we have no plans to open this site up to editing by anyone but the WMD team members.