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The Law says:

The comprehensive legal system established by Muslim conquerors to rule native non-Muslim populations subdued by jihad. "Protection" money must be paid but non-Muslims have no legal rights.


This song is track 4 on the album Imagine Jihad (part 1). This is our song describing Dhimmitude. You may also like to see the page "what is Dhimmitude?”

Song lyrics

Dhimmitude is a word which tries to describe the horrors suffered by human beings
Conquered by Jihad, the religious duty of every Muslim
To impose laws on the infidel, laws which discriminate, humiliate, dehumanise,
Compel the infidel to a life of servitude.
Laws which deny him
Every Human Right
Even the right to life itself.
Ignoring 1400 years of conquest and invasion,
Whole peoples, countries – subjugation
Children torn from mother’s arms
Slaves they are from that day on,
Or converted to Mohammed’s sons
Or death or treaty on a whim for
Christian, Jew, Zoroastrian
Means living a lie
Just to survive
Years go by
The victims forget
Their memory swept
A century gone
A millennium lost
To dust…
The raping of your history
You may not even see it come
The life you knew has been usurped
Your culture stolen – swallowed up
By Dhimmitude
Jesus was a Muslim
Didn’t you know?
Moses and all the prophets
Everything you thought you knew
Is blown
You’ve become part
Of a mythical past
A triumphal march
To a new golden age of…
Laws especially for you
Custom made for infidels
There’s no negotiation
There’s nothing you can do
You will pay protection
Cause that is Dhimmitude
You’re not even second class
No rights, no law, cause you trespass
In a land that was once
Your very own… your very own.

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