The Harbi

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The Law

Who Is The Harbi?

Living in his non-Muslim land, the Harbi is blissfully unaware of the fate Islam reserves for him. When his country is one day taken over by Islam, he'll be a Dhimmi no doubt.

He lives in a state of Western decadence, enjoying all the trappings that freedom affords him while he remains blissfully unaware of the Trojan Horse that will end his life as he knows it.

Mark Steyn calls the modern European / U.S. Liberal: "the wrinkliest teenagers around". These are Harbis.

He has bleached, gelled hair and tanned holiday skin. He wears the latest styles, including colourful shirts, tinted specs, metrosexual shoes and no tie, that would be 'conforming to social norms'

He listens to his i-pod, probably another whiney angst-ridden female on his play-list.

He is distracted: TV, Travel, Property, Sport, Stocks etc. are far more pressing than the problem of Global Jihad.

He is unaware of the demographic time bomb that will convert his civilization into an Islamized vacuum, into oblivion. He is unaware that under Islamic law non-Muslims have no legal rights.

He is living in denial.

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