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Usage: This page is the base page for all songs showing their lyrics. It takes the following sections:

|sortname = Name for the category sort page (can be sent as {{FULLPAGENAME}} if needed
|introduction = Short introduction to the song
|vimecode = Numerical code linking to Vimeo. (Depreciated... [[Vimeo censorship notice 2017-08-23|Vimeo close down]])
|ytcode = Alpha numeric code to YouTube.
|bitchutecode = Code for BitChute
|mindscode = Code for Minds
|rightsidenotes = Notes for the right hand side next to the song
|songlyrics = The main body which contains the lyrics, each line starting with :
|introduction2 = If the main introduction is too long
|externallinks = Any specific text for the external links section
|internallinks = Text to come ahead of the automatically generated list of links
|subtitles = List of formatted properties for each subtitle language done eg [[Subtitle Language::English]]
|contribute subtitles = URL of YouTube page to edit subtitles (automatic from YTcode if it exists)