Podcast knows Why it is not a Muslim - August 5, 2008 by Brian of London

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The Law says:
Excerpt of this audio program transcribed by WMD from the interview with Ibn Warraq talking about killing in the Koran.

Extract:Ibn Warraq:

It’s quite extraordinary how dishonest. I remember at the time soon after 9/11 I was living in France at the time.

You had recognized pundits of Islam, I remember, one particular Algerian French scholar called Malik Shabel (? Spelling) springs to mind. He was whisked onto French television day after day. For nearly two years he was on French TV nearly every single day and he said point, and he actually wrote a preface to a French edition of the Koran, so he can’t claim ignorance.

He just barefaced lies. He says there’s not a single word which means to kill in the Koran. I mean that’s just incredible.

Interviewer Tom Paine:

Well, yes there is, of course there is, it’s full of killing.

Ibn Warraq:

There are 52 uses of the word “to kill,” “qatala” meaning “to kill”, Arabic is “qatala,” and on many occasions it’s in the imperative “kill, get on with it.”