Judge for Y'Self

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Judge for Y'Self

Who Is Judge for Y'Self?

We've taken a great deal of care over what we say in our songs and what we've written on our website. We're not trying to tell you what to think. We hope that the information we present here will help you reach your own conclusions.

We ask you to listen and read but Judge For Yourself in other words!

We didn't come up with the name. It was used by the Goons in an episode called "The Sale of Manhattan". This episode features a court case in which Neddie Seagoon claims to own New York. After his case is thrown out he arranges to blow up New York.

Court Usher (Lew):

Silence in court! The 24th court of the Brooklyn district of Manhattan is now in session. The case of Chief Ned Goon versus the United States of America, and I'll lay ten to one that Schnorra gets thrown out on his ear. And now, the court will rise, Judge Fayaself presiding!

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