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|author=Robert Spencer
|wmdsays=This essay by Bat Ye’or, included in the book edited by Robert Spencer, is an absolutely essential explanation of Dhimmitude.
|extract=By [[Bat Ye’orYe'or]]
In Genesis<ref>Hebrew Bible Genesis 2:18-21</ref> , God has all the animals pass in front of Adam to be named. Naming is to define an object for it to be recognised by its characteristics when it next appears. A thing without a name escapes the understanding, which does not register it and consequently can not recognise it. This can be verified also in the realm of abstract knowledge. It applies as well to the concepts of jihad and dhimmitude yet they represent a political system which has functioned without interruption and virtually without change on three continents for fourteen centuries. Although today it is reappearing with renewed vigour, this system - because it has not been given a name - is not recognized. It is even totally ignored, even denied, whereas the proofs of its past and present existence are obvious and manifold.

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