Creeping Dhimmitude at the United Nations - October 18, 2007 by David G. Littman

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The Law says:
Mr Littman gave this speech at the CounterJihad Brussels Conference in 2007

Extract:Attempted censorship at the UN Sub-Commission on Human Rights (August 2005) On 8 August 2005, Pakistan Ambassador Massoud Khan made a statement to the UN Sub-Commission on Human Rights for the OIC, in which he expressed serious concern at “the rise in Islamophobia in recent months” and “the tide of defamation of Islam” – even declaring: “the prefix of ‘Islamic’ before terrorism is a sacrilege.” His political text is revealing in many respects, not least for its veiled attack against three NGOs (AWE, IHEU, AWC) for whom we had delivered a joint oral statement on 26 July 2005 on another taboo subject entitled, “the radical Ideology of Jihad” – again quoting from article 8 of the Hamas Charter. There were four indignant interruptions on a ‘point of order’ from members.